Account or Creative-driven: Our Philosophy

In the advertising world, much has been made of the effectiveness of account-driven agencies versus creative-driven agencies. At account-driven agencies, priority is placed on strategic thinking, and all advertising is assessed strictly through the lens of the clients’ business goals. Creative agencies place more emphasis on pushing the envelope with disruptive concepts that get people talking. PBB Creative’s origins lie in a 2015 merger between Pinyin Studio and BranEverest, two agencies offering the same services, but employing the two approaches.

Pinyin Studio was started by current PBB CCO Julien Ranjard, whose approach is to allow the creative aspect to drive the project, challenging the status quo to produce something memorable. BranEverest, founded by current PBB CEO Teddy Hu was very market driven, with much of the staff coming from a management consultancy background, taking a consultative approach providing a no-fuss solution directly responding to the client’s business goals.

Best Man Teddy Hu accompanies Julien Ranjard on his big day.

PBB’s leadership saw the merger as a marriage of intelligence and heart to bring a fresh perspective to our clients. PBB is account driven, but our specialized agencies Pinyin Studio, Silver Salt and B.dgtal are very much creative-driven. The productive tension within this set-up has led to a dynamic of the team pushing each other toward new approaches.

This is further enriched by our diversity; the eight nationalities, the five languages spoken, and the melting pot of graphic designers, web developers, creative directors, writers and management consultants. The perspectives informing our team of 30 individuals, allow us to come up with creative, data and market-driven solutions which the agencies individually would struggle to realize on their own.

Just some of the PBB Team on a recent football outing.

As for how this looks in our day-to-day dealing with clients, their business goals are the centerpiece of any action we take on their behalf and PBB ensures this. This certainly doesn’t mean the individual agencies involved don’t have fun in the execution. Rather, PBB’s strategists work with the relevant agency to carve out a space for results-oriented creativity to take hold. Some would compare this mixture to oil and water. We believe it can be more like olive oil and balsamic vinegar with our client being the bread.