Work of the Week: My Malaya

PBB has noticed that leading lingerie brands and the women’s lingerie category has become a bit repetitive and predictable in the last few years. We wanted to work with a lingerie brand and establish a new visual identity that combined a modern view of intimacy and beauty with emerging needs for confidence and empowerment. How […]

Mobike: How to Localize Your Global Brand Through Social Media

Mobike has sought to bring biking back to the city, starting in Shanghai in 2016 and going international in March 2017. The bikes can be found in more than 200 cities across 15 countries and have won design awards internationally including a 2017 Red Dot Award, the iF Design Award in Munich and the Champions […]

How KOL marketing is killing brands

There is obvious hype around Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in China. Media spending budgets have switched from traditional media to influencer-based media. KOL economy has experienced double digit growth for the past few years. A recent survey concluded that 54% of the new university graduates want to become a KOL. Why is KOL marketing so […]

Work of the Week: IDA Award Winning H Queen’s Design

H Queen’s is designed to be at the center of Hong Kong’s rich art and lifestyle scene. The development houses exhibition spaces to promote the arts and expand the audience for art. Given this honorable mandate, it’s only right that the building is nestled cozily in one of Hong Kong’s highest foot traffic corridors at […]

‘This is Evian’ or ‘This is Wes Anderson’: PBB’s Verdict on Latest Evian Campaign

Evian is widely regarded as a premium brand, not only for its fresh mineral water offering, but also its collaborations with Diane von Fürstenburg, Alexander Wang, amongst others in the design of their limited edition bottles. The French brand is also known for some pretty awesome ad campaigns, notably the ‘Live Young’ campaign winning Time […]

When Being a Full-Service Agency Isn’t Enough

A recent post of ours highlights why PBB Creative is account-driven and why our specialized agencies are creative-driven and how the two approaches complement each other. Nowadays though, being a full-service creative agency simply isn’t enough as clients are shifting away from this model in an effort for more meaningful interactions with their audience. While featuring in-house agencies […]

Work of the Week: Didi Daijia International Women’s Day Campaign

Yesterday marked International Women’s Day and today marks the beginning of our Work of the Week series where we present a relevant campaign we’ve done. Given that Women’s Day is right behind us and the fact that everyday is Women’s Day at PBB Creative, it’s only right we begin by sharing the Women’s Day campaign of 2017 […]

Account or Creative-driven: Our Philosophy

In the advertising world, much has been made of the effectiveness of account-driven agencies versus creative-driven agencies. At account-driven agencies, priority is placed on strategic thinking, and all advertising is assessed strictly through the lens of the clients’ business goals. Creative agencies place more emphasis on pushing the envelope with disruptive concepts that get people talking. PBB Creative’s […]

Did Disney Commit Design Theft on Star Wars Movie Posters?

Disney has been accused by French artist Hachim Bahous of stealing artwork he designed for album covers, using it for upcoming feature film Solo: A Star Wars story. The posters have a distinct vintage pop-art style with uncannily similar font, layout and similar color schemes as album covers that Bahous did for Sony back in 2015. Posting […]

PBB Creative’s 10 Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Sunday night saw the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots for their first ever Super Bowl. One can argue though that broadcaster NBC was the real winner charging advertisers USD 5 million for a 30 second spot during its Super Bowl coverage. This year the tone reverted back to a feel-good vibe as opposed […]