Work of the Week: My Malaya

PBB has noticed that leading lingerie brands and the women’s lingerie category has become a bit repetitive and predictable in the last few years. We wanted to work with a lingerie brand and establish a new visual identity that combined a modern view of intimacy and beauty with emerging needs for confidence and empowerment. How […]

Work of the Week: IDA Award Winning PAC10 Branding

Quoting the Graphisblog, PBB Creative has taken food and turned it into a design playground. As a contemporary food pavilion, Pac10 differentiates itself from local food courts by bringing accessible quality food to all. PBB Creative was awarded an honorable mention at the IDA Design Award for this branding work. Housed in ‘PAC’ific Century Place, […]

‘This is Evian’ or ‘This is Wes Anderson’: PBB’s Verdict on Latest Evian Campaign

Evian is widely regarded as a premium brand, not only for its fresh mineral water offering, but also its collaborations with Diane von Fürstenburg, Alexander Wang, amongst others in the design of their limited edition bottles. The French brand is also known for some pretty awesome ad campaigns, notably the ‘Live Young’ campaign winning Time […]

When Being a Full-Service Agency Isn’t Enough

A recent post of ours highlights why PBB Creative is account-driven and why our specialized agencies are creative-driven and how the two approaches complement each other. Nowadays though, being a full-service creative agency simply isn’t enough as clients are shifting away from this model in an effort for more meaningful interactions with their audience. While featuring in-house agencies […]

2018 Pyeongchang Olympics: Soft Power Losers

With country image being closely linked to economic and strategic advantage, nations are developing creative brand strategies to promote positive country image. Events like the recent Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang offer a rare and global platform for countries to gain  competitive advantage, not only to attract tourism, but also foreign direct investment and world […]

Packaging Design: Chinese New Year Red Packets

Chinese New Year is one of the most traditional and festive times in China, dating back to the 14th Century B.C. In celebration of entering a new year, people usually send each other red packets filled with money. As these packets usually come in the form of flimsy envelopes, they are quickly discarded without a […]

PBB Creative’s 10 Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Sunday night saw the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots for their first ever Super Bowl. One can argue though that broadcaster NBC was the real winner charging advertisers USD 5 million for a 30 second spot during its Super Bowl coverage. This year the tone reverted back to a feel-good vibe as opposed […]

PBB Creative’s verdict on The Guardian’s Rebrand

The Guardian newspaper has received a makeover to its online and print editions with a new website design and a shift from Berliner to the smaller tabloid format. The redesign includes the launch of a new masthead, font and a color-coded navigation system. The move to the smaller tabloid system is a cost-cutting measure to […]

How will artificial intelligence affect branding and advertising?

Just last month, Google’s artificial intelligence AlphaGo challenged and beat twice the Chinese champion, Ke Jie, in the notorious strategic game of Go. Being classified as one of the most complex games in the world, this event made the technological world tremble, pouring more gasoline on the ardent debate around the development and use of […]

10 Key Roles in a Creative Agency

“Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats.” Processing ideas and making them happen requires a right mix of Art and Science. While ideas may originate organically, making them happen in timely manner and bringing them to the market, making targeted impact on the perception of a […]