Work of the Week

Work of the Week: Travel Manitoba

Some 150 million Chinese people have traveled outside of China this year alone, spending over 100 billion USD. This is nearly double the number of American travellers. As the Chinese middle class is rising, this number is only expected to go up in the years to come. While most popular destinations remain along the Pacific […]

Work of the Week: Paulaner Oktoberfest China

The popularity of Paulaner beer has always gone far beyond Munich’s city limits. As a global synonym for excellence in beer specialties from the Bavarian capital, Paulaner has repeatedly been able to claim its firm position as the No.1 Munich beer worldwide. PBB Creative is Paulaner’s branding agency for China. This year, we have supported […]

Work of the Week: 3e International School

As a branding agency, our role is to create a clear message, engaging visuals and communication tactics that will help you engage your target audience. We create emotionally appealing and logical messages that will attract and motivate customers to ask you the right questions. It is always rewarding to work for clients like 3e international […]

Work of the Week: My Malaya

PBB has noticed that leading lingerie brands and the women’s lingerie category has become a bit repetitive and predictable in the last few years. We wanted to work with a lingerie brand and establish a new visual identity that combined a modern view of intimacy and beauty with emerging needs for confidence and empowerment. How […]

Work of the Week: IDA Award Winning PAC10 Branding

Quoting the Graphisblog, PBB Creative has taken food and turned it into a design playground. As a contemporary food pavilion, Pac10 differentiates itself from local food courts by bringing accessible quality food to all. PBB Creative was awarded an honorable mention at the IDA Design Award for this branding work. Housed in ‘PAC’ific Century Place, […]

Work of the Week: Relay Video

With the rise of protectionism in the west and rumors of trade wars, it’s a tricky time for foreign brands trying to enter the Chinese market and for Chinese brands looking to make their mark overseas. It’s also a tricky time for creative agencies like us who specialize in easing the pain of market entry. […]

Work of the Week: IDA Award Winning H Queen’s Design

H Queen’s is designed to be at the center of Hong Kong’s rich art and lifestyle scene. The development houses exhibition spaces to promote the arts and expand the audience for art. Given this honorable mandate, it’s only right that the building is nestled cozily in one of Hong Kong’s highest foot traffic corridors at […]

Work of the Week: SAN Restaurant Beijing

With hotels in Beijing, Macau and Taipei, Artyzen Hotels seek to deepen visitors’ connection with the spirit and heritage of the urban centers they are passing through. Housed within the Artyzen Hotel Beijing, SAN Restaurant (SAN meaning 3 in Chinese) provides a welcoming and non-pretentious wok, grill and bar of the highest quality fostering a […]

Work of the Week: Acura MDX Website and H5

Acura is the luxury vehicle of Japanese automaker Honda, parking its brand at the intersection of high performance and affordability. Popular in North America, Acura has set out to replicate its record sales form in the fastest growing automotive market in the world, having expanded its sales and marketing activities in China. Ahead of the launch […]