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Preparing for a trade mission in China: Marketing Tips

We were recently invited to share marketing and advertising advice with a trade mission of foreign companies seeking business opportunities in China. We met very interesting companies in industries such as entertainment, education and technologies, who have a successful track-record in their home countries and want to explore ways in which their business can extend […]

Why Your Brand Should Pick a Chinese Name

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet famously asked, “What’s in a name?” An appropriate response reflecting local attitudes would be the old Chinese saying, “It is far better to have an ugly face than to be given a wrong name”. To say that there is power in names is an understatement in China where Chinese characters often […]

PBB Creative’s 10 Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Sunday night saw the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots for their first ever Super Bowl. One can argue though that broadcaster NBC was the real winner charging advertisers USD 5 million for a 30 second spot during its Super Bowl coverage. This year the tone reverted back to a feel-good vibe as opposed […]

Why the NFL’s Footprint in China Isn’t Bigger

This weekend, the world will tune into the distinctly American annual tradition that is the Super Bowl. The NFL is looking to score a touchdown with a Global audience and has its eyes set on the Chinese viewership. As part of this effort, the NFL has delved into the KOL playbook, appointing Chinese pop star […]

WeChat in 2018: Mini-programs and Brand Zones

Earlier this month, Tencent hosted the annual WeChat Developer’s Conference in Guangzhou. WeChat Creator Allen Zhang set the agenda for the year on what we can expect from the social media juggernaut. Within this context, here are two areas within the vast WeChat universe you China-focused brands would be wise to follow. WeChat Mini-Programs In […]

Logos: The Simpler, the More Functional

The logos below have gone through very few changes since their creation. Why is that? Because the simplicity of their shapes and concepts gives them iconic status. Because, through the rigor of their design, they blend impact and versatility while also conveying a feeling of quality to the consumer. Because excessive modernizations based on trends and […]

5 Trends to Follow in the Chinese Marketing Landscape

We have spent the beginning of the new year discussing amongst ourselves some of the marketing trends to watch out for in China. We’ve also had a look at what our industry peers have to say. Below is a non-exhaustive list of trends you should get familiar with to give your brand an edge. KOLs […]

PBB Creative’s verdict on The Guardian’s Rebrand

The Guardian newspaper has received a makeover to its online and print editions with a new website design and a shift from Berliner to the smaller tabloid format. The redesign includes the launch of a new masthead, font and a color-coded navigation system. The move to the smaller tabloid system is a cost-cutting measure to […]

PBB Creative x Macron? President Addresses Sino-French Businesses

Branding and marketing is sometimes about seizing moments of opportunity to your advantage. The opportunity could not have been better for PBB Creative, when French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech addressing the French and Chinese business elite, including Jack Ma right in front of our office. The PBB logo was fully visible during President […]

Interview with Red Dot Award Winning PBB Creative Art Director Liang Chen

On 27 October 2017, PBB Creative was on-hand in Berlin to receive the Red Dot Award for Communications Design. Standing out in a field of 8,000 creative submissions from 50 countries, the winning design “Mo Lei Tau” captures the complexities of one of China’s kings of comedy. Art Director Chen Liang sat down with PBB, […]