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PBB Hires Ruth Chao as Partner and Creative Director

PBB is pleased to announce its recent hire of Ruth Chao, who joins the PBB team as Partner and Creative Director in Hong Kong. A member of Hong Kong Tatler’s Generation T, and Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, Chao was previously the Co-founder and Creative Director of INDICUBE, providing a range of creative services to […]

PBB CREATIVE Wins Red Dot for Communication Design

Friday, 18 August. PBB CREATIVE is pleased to announce the winning of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017. Setting itself apart amongst a field of 8,000 creative submissions from 50 participating countries, PBB CREATIVE received the Red Dot Award for Communication Design “Mo Lei Tau” designed by Creative Director Chen Liang, demonstrating PBB CREATIVE’s world class design quality.

How will artificial intelligence affect branding and advertising?

Just last month, Google’s artificial intelligence AlphaGo challenged and beat twice the Chinese champion, Ke Jie, in the notorious strategic game of Go. Being classified as one of the most complex games in the world, this event made the technological world tremble, pouring more gasoline on the ardent debate around the development and use of […]

10 Key Roles in a Creative Agency

“Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats.” Processing ideas and making them happen requires a right mix of Art and Science. While ideas may originate organically, making them happen in timely manner and bringing them to the market, making targeted impact on the perception of a […]

Skin in the game

It was a casual Friday afternoon at the office. The heartbeats were steady. We had met most of our weekly deadlines. We were heading slowly towards the weekend while developing corporate identity projects. And then this happens: we received a photo from one of our client’s CEO who had his company’s logo...

Branding of an International School in Beijing

On the evening of April 25th, the French Embassy and its ambassador opened their door to the Lycée Français International Charles de Gaulle de Pékin (LFIP), commonly known as the French Lycée. For the occasion, representatives from over 30 countries, including honorable ambassadors, came together to celebrate the wonders of the international school. In addition […]

5 Design Trends in 2017

While a good design should be timeless, the reality is, each year, new trends arise which make our work more interesting, as a creative agency. We have to analyze and predict trends to make sure our clients stay on top of the game. Here is a summary of some design trends in 2017: 1. Branding: […]

Welcome to PBB CREATIVE New Website

It is with great pride that we are hereby announcing the launch of our new website!