Work of the Week: SAN Restaurant Beijing

With hotels in Beijing, Macau and Taipei, Artyzen Hotels seek to deepen visitors’ connection with the spirit and heritage of the urban centers they are passing through. Housed within the Artyzen Hotel Beijing, SAN Restaurant (SAN meaning 3 in Chinese) provides a welcoming and non-pretentious wok, grill and bar of the highest quality fostering a fresh and contemporary atmosphere for patrons. In the spirit of SAN’s meaning, PBB Creative developed a concept around the number 3 which symbolizes origins, opposition, balance and harmony.

Within this concept, Pinyin Studio designed SAN’s logo and visual identity, representing the values of the restaurant, which are simplicity and quality, blending traditionalism and modernity. The logo is composed of 3 strokes in perfect harmony, but also in opposition. The brush style can be seen in traditional Chinese calligraphy while the futurist font with Latin elements  personifies modernism. The strokes also imitate the spinning motion of the food in the Wok and the coming together of ingredients. Finally the layout of the golden trifold menu allows for intuitive navigation of the food selection.

San 2