Work of the Week: Travel Manitoba

Some 150 million Chinese people have traveled outside of China this year alone, spending over 100 billion USD. This is nearly double the number of American travellers. As the Chinese middle class is rising, this number is only expected to go up in the years to come. While most popular destinations remain along the Pacific coasts, Chinese travellers are increasingly eager to discover new destinations. While leisure remained the main motivation, polar explorations and adventure travels are growing in popularity. With examples like Finland, which experienced a surge of 63% of Chinese travellers, boosting overall tourism income by 22%, many destinations are now looking to position themselves in the Chinese market.

This is the case for the beautiful province of Manitoba, often forgotten in the center of the Canadian Prairies. Also known as Canada’s Heart Beats, Manitoba offers many attractive sights and packages for fans of adventure travel, such as Polar Bear tours, seeing the Aurora Borealis and kayaking through Icebergs.

Working with our friends at Flow Creative which supports the strategic positioning and PR efforts of Travel Manitoba in China, we built a website ( to better introduce the unique, and almost untouched destinations offered by the Canadian province.  With a carefully designed and image-driven user interface, this mobile friendly website limits distractions and highlights clearly its key travel and adventure services. The subtle front-end animations are expertly designed to support a better user journey which greatly improves visitors’ experiences.

The Travel Manitoba website was also built with a modular content management system which allows the client to easily update new information and add pages while keeping to a consistent design. A China friendly website is also key to supporting Manitoba’s PR and digital efforts.

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Source: Harun Research Institute, Chinese Luxury Travel and Lifestyle Survey