Branding of an International School in Beijing

On the evening of April 25th, the French Embassy and its ambassador opened their door to the Lycée Français International Charles de Gaulle de Pékin (LFIP), commonly known as the French Lycée. For the occasion, representatives from over 30 countries, including honorable ambassadors, came together to celebrate the wonders of the international school.

In addition to the French Ambassador and the Headmaster of the school, guests were invited to discover of the French Lycée through live, as well as recorded video testamonials of parents, students, teachers and alumni of the school.

The event concept was developed by our team at PBB CREATIVE, as a first step of a three years collaboration we recently started with the LFIP to refresh their branding and communication strategy. For the occasion, guests were invited to meet teacher, students, parents and Alumni of the school through a multimedia experience which combined live speeches to video testamonials. The contrast between the black background video and the colourful printed support was designed to bring authenticity and power to their messages, while representing the diversity of the institution. A brochure combining 13 good reasons to discover the school with invitations to the “Fête du Lycée” event on Saturday June 3rd, from 9h to 17h was given to the guests, making sure they could share the new with their respective community.

With its new campus opened in May 2016, the institution upgraded its facilities. Now located in ultramodern & comfortable facilities designed to reflect their diverse curriculum, they can accommodate 1500 students & offer a full suite of academic, cultural & sports infrastructures (gymnasium, football field, race track, etc.). Air quality being a concern in Beijing, they also installed a fine particle filtration system (PM 2.5) in every building. As a member of this network, the French Lycée offers a multitude of academic opportunities as well as an immense network of former students, all currently in the world’s best universities, most prestigious companies and organizations.

Marketing research, interviews, visual identity, copywriting, photography, video production, event planning, social media and digital strategy will all be part of this public relation initiative which aims to tell the public real nature of the French School, promoting its new campus and its international approach.