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The Social Luxury Boom in China

Branding in China - Branding

Why have luxury brands LV and Gucci continued to have strong growth in China while other competitors like Prada have fal...

Red Pill or Blue Pill

Digital - Branding

Fantasy or Reality: Are brands telling the truth? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a digital charter to ...

“Belt and Road” China’s Growing Global Brand Success 

PBB 新闻

Increasing geographic competition and country branding makes it more important for China to stand out and develop a uniq...

The Power of “Fast Beauty”   

Digital - Branding

Beauty and Beauty Standards have become more important for brands and marketing programs due to the increased use of sma...

Simple logo, simple success

PBB 新闻

The logos below have gone through very few changes since their creation. Why is that? Because the simplicity of their sh...

Top 3 Marketing tips for a trade mission in China.

PBB 新闻

We were recently invited to share marketing and advertising advice with a trade mission of foreign companies seeking bus...

WeChat in 2018: Mini-programs and Brand Zones

PBB 新闻

Earlier this month, Tencent hosted the annual WeChat Developer’s Conference in Guangzhou. WeChat Creator Allen Zhang s...