Work of the Week: 3e International School

As a branding agency, our role is to create a clear message, engaging visuals and communication tactics that will help you engage your target audience. We create emotionally appealing and logical messages that will attract and motivate customers to ask you the right questions.

It is always rewarding to work for clients like 3e international with whom we share common values. Our brand strategist Charles Lavoie describes his first interaction with the the school and how it inspired PBB to provide the school with a new creative direction, brochure and website:

“Before walking into the school, I went to their website and read their brochure.  They looked generic. This first impression was very different from the reality I experienced when I visited the school. When I first walked into the 3e International School I saw children and teachers truly enjoying themselves and learning while having fun. It was refreshing.  I sat down with Gilbert, the founder of the school and listening to him speaking about his philosophy on education and how children should be able to Explore, Experiment and Express to be able to know themselves and be prepared for all possibilities.” 

At that time, the branding was not doing justice to the services and value provided by 3e. We started our brand strategy process by defining 3e brand assets, core messaging, engaging visuals, key competition and relevant target audience to better communicate and differentiate their brand. We explained how using specific tools such as design, copywriting and photography could drive sales and brand value.

How did we do this?

Be Simple

It’s necessary to focus on one key value to create a message that will appeal to your target audience and differentiate you from your competition. Even if there is more than one, remember that the goal is to get consumers at your door, not to tell them the whole story. Once they are interested, you can develop and explain your message. Simplicity has many interesting features. It’s easy to remember and easy to repeat, therefore increasing your chance of referrals from parents to parents. WOM is probably the most effective marketing tools in the education sector and a simple message will help leverage this.

3e was facing the challenge that most education companies are facing. They were talking as educators talk with educators not with parents and their adored children. We helped the school simplify their message through targeted and effective copywriting and visual support to make sure parents could easily understand why 3e is better. It’s important to remember that the role of a website and a brochure is not to answer all questions, but to get the target audience interested in the product or service and establish an intention or preference to buy and sign up for a meeting at the school.

Be Original

At PBB, we like to say that our design is irresistible and can attract your desired audience. When it comes to branding and communications, nothing is stronger than visually expressing your values. If your design is fun and relevant, people will see you as desirable, if you design is artistic, people will see you as sophisticated and valuable. We help our clients use design and visuals to express their true values.

3e core value such is creativity. For this value it is important to lead by actions. We helped 3e create original creative visuals with a color code that support the creative message and tone of the school. We used simple shapes which remind you of the school’s philosophy and can connect with both young students and their parents.

Be Authentic

At PBB, we strongly believe that a good branding and core message starts within the company. We don’t invent anything, we help to simplify and focus. In a competitive market that deals with children (the future of our society), authenticity is key. Therefore, we help to identify what are the key beliefs of your offer. Why do you do what you do and why you think it’s important? As mentioned, since decisions about education are made carefully, a message that lacks of authenticity will soon or later reveals itself the the buyer’s decision making journey. Authentic message that deals with real issues that parents are actually having will create an emotional bond and trust.

“A Day at the School” and “User Testimonials” showing both successes and challenges is a great way to communicate authenticity. When a company is transparent enough to talk about their challenges (let’s be honest, everyone has challenges), and not censure the user testimonials, it shows great confidence and creates engaging content.

As a matter of fact, we try to apply the same rules for our own branding, so let us share an honest feedback from 3e’s marketing manager, Cicely which describes how this process is sometimes not so simple. “PBB is a professional, efficient team. Working with them, I clearly sense they really try their best to meet client’s requirements. Their design is creative and outstanding. Although during the process of brochure and web design it is inevitable to encounter some communication and expectation differences. They don’t settle, they strive to communicate and redo it over and over again until finally the results reach our expectations. They are a team who is able to transfer your vague impression into clear images. I’m impressed by their commitment, passion and logical creativity. We are happy we chose them.”

Visit the 3e International website