Work of the Week: IDA Award Winning H Queen’s Design

H Queen’s is designed to be at the center of Hong Kong’s rich art and lifestyle scene. The development houses exhibition spaces to promote the arts and expand the audience for art. Given this honorable mandate, it’s only right that the building is nestled cozily in one of Hong Kong’s highest foot traffic corridors at Queen’s Road Central. As the only art-centric building in the city, H Queen’s houses avant-garde spaces that bring together a diverse showcase of art galleries, dining and retail ventures to revolutionize cultural experiences in the very heart of Central.

For this true artistic utopia, PBB Creative touched upon the intersection of art, dining and retail to create “the centre of an artful lifestyle”.  In the middle is ‘art’, the key element of the building, represented by a spacious gallery space, illuminated by unique sculpture and art pieces. The canvas expands on both sides with a couple enjoying dining delights in a warm atmosphere to the left, and shopper reveling in her latest retail conquest on the right.

Ahead of H Queen’s grand launch earlier this year, PBB sought to introduce elements of H Queen’s contemporary cultural offering to the public with a campaign of ads to be featured prominently on public transport, billboards, print media and social media. Leveraging the attention surrounding Art Basel Hong Kong, PBB continued with tote bags themed after the exhibition with the slogan ‘You’re my favorite work of Art’, striking an air of contemporary and inclusive sophistication, all the while encouraging social media engagement. Knowing the pandemic of exhibition tote bags sweeping across the city, PBB revolutionized the format of the tote bag to stand out in the crowd and be a memorable keepsake.