Work of the Week: Relay Video

With the rise of protectionism in the west and rumors of trade wars, it’s a tricky time for foreign brands trying to enter the Chinese market and for Chinese brands looking to make their mark overseas. It’s also a tricky time for creative agencies like us who specialize in easing the pain of market entry. One such creative agency, a client of ours was the subject of an AdAge feature discussing their experience as an expat-run creative agency in China.

Similar to PBB Creative, Relay Video aims to tell Chinese stories to a global audience, in their case by connecting Chinese startups to video production to market their brands and products. Relay’s challenges related to having a website that functions seamlessly on and off the Mainland, not only for their internal content management processes, but also clients, most of whom are Chinese, but operate abroad. So Relay took the natural and logical decision to approach us, a cross-border agency whose website knows no borders.

For Relay’s purposes, server quality and video streaming speed needed to be of equal effectiveness in and out of China. Under PBB’s direction, B.dgtal designed for Relay a website equipped with a customized web video player that adjusts video quality to the user’s internet speed; a novelty of the day and ubiquitous today. This allows Relay to showcase the high quality video without sacrificing loading speed for consumers in China and abroad.

One of the goals of Relay’s website is to allow users to intuitively guide themselves to the works section. B.dgtal designed a corresponding information architecture for this and finally ensured that the website was fully responsive and with all content easily sharable on WeChat moments.