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28 March 2019


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Simple logo, simple success

28 March 2019

Author: Philippe Lucas

The logos below have gone through very few changes since their creation. Why is that?

Because the simplicity of their shapes and concepts gives them iconic status.

Because, through the rigor of their design, they blend impact and versatility while also conveying a feeling of quality to the consumer.

Because excessive modernizations based on trends and fads constitute a rejection of a brand and of its history.

A simple logo is easy to recognize, understand and is incredibly memorable. It is when a logo is simple and possesses the immediate obviousness of a given fact that it has the potential to be iconic. A logo doesn’t have to specify what products or services the brand offers. Instead, its mission is to capture the attention of the consumer and effectively communicate the identity of the brand. After all, sporting goods giant Nike has used the simple swoosh since its beginnings in the 1970’s as its graphic ambassador.

A logo must be well-constructed and functional in order to remain relevant decades after its creation. Focus should therefore be placed on simplicity and versatility rather than visual effects and add-ons intended to make it more appealing at a given and brief period of time.

A simple and well-designed logo can easily go through minor alterations without sacrificing its identity. It is highly unwise to replace or profoundly alter a logo according to the latest trends if the ambition is to develop a brand that can stand the test of time. Graphic designer David Airey, said it best, stating “Leave trends to the fashion industry .  Trends come and go…but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key. Don’t follow the pack. Stand out.”

One would think the latest technological advancements render age-old logos obsolete. This is absolutely true for weak logos. However technological innovation only serves to boost an already strong logo. Over the last 10 years, responsive design has given us a smooth browsing experience across devices and screen sizes. This has also resulted in the simplification of these logos while illustrating their timelessness and scalability.

Even in this age, logos must remain themselves and true to their history. It is a sign of strength and of confidence in the brand, and will be viewed as such by the consumer. See below for some of the logos we’ve done.