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In a world full of constant social change and media chaos, how can we get consumers to stop and notice your brand? Smile and engage with your brand? Click and want to buy your brand and products? PBB suggests Brand Focus.

Focus will make your brand more recognized, relevant and desirable. Focus will differentiate you from key competitors and make the right consumers engage with your brand for the right reasons.



PBB digital services create effective user journeys that maximize traffic, convert engagement into sales and establish meaningful relationships. Digital Storytelling and Digital Ex...

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Our design attracts the right people for the right reasons. Our Design Thinking is rooted in the core values of your products and the needs of your customers. Our Design Methods an...

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Our Strategy begins with listening. We listen to our clients marketing needs and business goals. We listen to market research, social media and feedback from consumers. Quantitativ...

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Content Creation

The photos, videos, events and activations we create, tell stories and inspire emotions that generate brand awareness and meaningful brand engagements. They trigger relevant emotio...

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work_ Escape CBD

Didi – Licheng Zhuanche

Licheng Zhuanche is the premium offering of Didi, China’s leading ride sharing service. We developed a sales driven mark...

_news_ China’s Silver Generation is Marketing Gold


People over the age of 55 buy more than one third of all products in China. They have more money and savings to spend than...

_news_ The Social Luxury Boom in China


Why have luxury brands LV and Gucci continued to have strong growth in China while other competitors like Prada have falle...

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Mindray is a global medical devices developer and manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. In 2019, Mindray participated in ...

_news_ Red Pill or Blue Pill


Fantasy or Reality: Are brands telling the truth? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a digital charter to fi...

work_ Anywhere, Anytime


{:en}Car2go is a Daimler owned car sharing service that offers Smart Fortwo and Mercedes-Benz vehicles and features one-wa...

work_ Auto Service with a Smile


Yiauto is a fast growing online and offline car dealership in China. Focusing on quality service and unbeatable prices, Yi...

work_ Find the Lucky Pig


Paulaner is one of the oldest German breweries established in 1634 in Munich. Paulaner has been distributing beer in China...

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Nestlé is the world’s leading food and beverage company, committed to quality of life and contributing to a healthier f...

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Henderson Land

H Queen is a real estate development in the Center of Hong Kong on Queen’s Road designed to be a leading force in Hong K...