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Didi – Licheng Zhuanche


Creative Idea
Video Production



What we did

Licheng Zhuanche is the premium offering of Didi, China’s leading ride sharing service. We developed a sales driven marketing campaign for Licheng Zhuanche that targeted the business community in Beijing’s Guomao Central Business District (CBD). The campaign focused on Didi customers and their preferences by creating videos and photos of emotional moments between passengers integrated with popular locations. We focused on the faces and expressions of passengers as they interacted with each other and their trendy destinations.

The campaign introduced 4 popular locations which the target audience could easily reach in the comfort of a Didi Zhuanche car from the CBD. By creating a cross-brand initiative with a famous art gallery, a loved hot pot restaurant, an exciting nightclub and a premium shopping complex, we were able to increase the level of engagement, sales and number of rides for the period during which the campaign was promoted. The campaign was presented in outdoor (OOH), digital and print media formats. The campaigns relevant brand partnerships improved Didi Zhuanche brand value and associations with other strong lifestyle brands.

The Campaign in Print

In Beijing CBD

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