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FHG Layers of Glass




Corporate Identity
Interior Design



What we did

FH Group is the third largest all-base solid-state electrochromic glass manufacturer in the world. FH comes from the company’s original name Fan Hua, which in Chinese means Glorious City. Through qualitative research, PBB discovered that FH Group was recognized as trusted and reliable, but not as innovative and creative, as they deserved to be. Therefore, the corporate identity used that insight to push a bold, innovative and modern design, while respecting the core values the company. The new identity helps support B2B sales by helping them to push more tailored and creative projects.

The key inspiration of this project comes from glass, the core product line of FH Group. The transparency, shapes and layers of glass that form the logo reflect their product properties and functionality, but also depict the company’s vision to generate new technology and design new products. While being a modern flat logo, it incorporates the initials FH into the design in a creative, simple and clean look. The colors were also carefully chosen to visually present company’s vision and culture.