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Hightang Capital



Hightang Capital


Brand Story
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Website Design



What we did

Hightang Capital is a pioneer investment firm that finds opportunities in Chinese non-performing assets for overseas investors. Hightang Capital honest and transparent services help overseas investors to have a clear and detailed understanding of China investment opportunities.

Hightang Capital approached PBB to help them write their brand story and create a logical hierarchy for their brand values. We also developed a logo, visual identity and designed a website to support the company’s brand positioning.

The Logo

The logo combines the infinity symbol, which stands for continuous and long-term opportunities created by Hightang, together with the stability and the strength of a square shape with sharper angles. Together, the symbol reveals the petal of a belonia flower which connects with the Chinese translation of Hightang (海棠). The red dot, positioned at the intersection point, is the company connecting overseas investors to big opportunities in China.

Visual Identity Applications