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Once Upon a Bite





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What we did

Once Upon A Bite 2 is a Chinese Documentary Television Series produced by Tencent on the history of food, eating and cooking around the world. Directed by Chen Xiaoqing (陈晓卿), the sequel to the much applauded and ambitious food documentary “Once Upon A Bite” continues to shine a light on the stories and cultures behind cuisines around the world. The show takes its audience to 25 countries and regions around the world, filming over 300 kinds of delicious foods, exploring different cooking methods and flavors.

In order to achieve an even greater success and reach new audiences with this new serie, Tencent worked with PBB to develop a new branding with engaging key visuals which were broadcasted online and offline. PBB also supported the product development for the show to drive sales through an engaging content-to-commerce strategy. Our designs were inspired by traditional sketching style, delicious warm colors and natural landscapes to represent the rural and crafted spirit of the show. The first episode is proved to be an instant hit, gaining more than 72 million views and a score of 9.4/10 from users on China’s major reviewing website Douban.

Key Visuals

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