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Circle of Benefits


Didi - Licheng Zhuanche


Big Idea
Creative Direction
Key Visual



What we did

Licheng Zhuanche is the premium car service of Didi, China’s leading ride sharing service. The Licheng Zhuanche brand focuses on providing a trusted and professional service to its premium customers that require superior safety, speed and special care. PBB developed a Big Brand Idea, Creative Direction and Key Visual for this national brand that would improve recognition, engagement and differentiation from parent company Didi and leading competitors.  The “Orange Circle of Benefits” was rooted in Licheng’s logo and service “reasons to believe” and helped to increase sales and marketing KPIs. Using this brand strategy PBB developed and launched their 2018 winter campaign for print and digital media that was one of Licheng Zhuanche’s most successful campaigns and continues to guide their campaigns in 2019.

Licheng Campaign