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Mindray Interactive Showroom




UI Design
User Experience
Web App Development



What we did

Mindray is publicly traded Medical device developer and manufacturer with revenues over US$1.3 Billion and is based in Shenzhen, China. PBB has worked with Mindray for over 3 years to build their brand effectively across the healthcare industry. Our work has covered digital design, campaign development and event planning. For this project, they asked PBB to help design and develop an interactive showroom where they could introduce their company, products and services to key stakeholders and customers.

The Showroom Presentation

PBB’s interactive showroom was designed to be fully controlled by tablets and computers. The tablets and computers hosting the presentations are connected to the same local network. The computer emulates a Virtual Node JS Server that connects the remote controller with the presentation. This allowed Mindray’s showroom guides to navigate through the presentation while engaging with their audience.